Seal Pup Killed By Shark

An inexperienced seal pup learning to swim gets caught up in a great white shark’s hunting ground.

Two Eagles Fight For A Chance To Eat And Survive

A dramatic battle between two golden eagles fighting for a chance to feed.

Orca Vs Humpback During Fish Feeding Frenzy

These orcas must eat up quickly before the mighty humpbacks show up to devour their portion of herring.

Monkey Fight: Old Male Battles Young Bachelor For Supremacy

In the animal kingdom, it can be tough to remain at the top as the dominant male. 

In Pictures: The Battle to Survive Our Oceans

As tonight's Hostile Planet reveals, from the largest animals to the smallest, it's a tough place to live. Watch Hostile Planet on National Geographic.

Watch the trailer here

This new six-part show from National Geographic showcases the lives of the animals that have adapted to the cruellest evolutionary curve-balls. Premieres on NatGeo Sunday 28th April. 

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