WATCH: A saddle-billed stork is surprised by an African fish eagle whilst trying to hunt.

There are no easy meals in the African savanna. Footage from the show Africa’s Deadliest.

Bird Mimics Chainsaw, Car Alarm and More

This songbird breaks out the sampler to get a mate. And the superb lyrebird doesn't stop at mimicking other bird species — man-made noises just become part of the remix. Footage from the show "World's Weirdest".

A hummingbird weathers a rainstorm

In the cloud forest a booted racket-tail braves a rain storm to find enough food to survive. Footage from the show "Hostile Planet".

First steps for a barnacle goose chick

For three barnacle goose chicks, their first day in the world will be their greatest challenge. Footage taken from the show Hostile Planet.

Penguin Love Story

Penguins meet. They fall in love. He goes out to sea, and she fears he'll never return. Footage from the show "Symphony For Our World".

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