Watch A Stingray Devour Spider Crabs on the Seafloor

Watch how this stingray feasts on a group of crabs - note its near-white skin colour could possibly mean it’s a rare albino stingray, although it’s difficult to confirm without closer examination by an expert.

Ultra-Rare Lobster Looks Like Blue Cotton Candy

See this very unusual lobster found off Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada with a very rare shell pigmentation turns up about once every four to five years. 

Tiny ‘Tuna Crabs’ Swarm California Beaches Beyond ‘Normal’ Range

Find out why the sudden appearance of a mass of tiny, bright red crustaceans are puzzling scientists in California. 

Strength in Numbers: Tiny Sea Creatures Could Create Big Ocean Currents

Find out how tiny sea creatures could be having a big effect on the movement of ocean waters.

This Snake Rips its Prey Into Pieces, Instead of Swallowing it Whole

Watch how this snake tackles a crab and its unique way of eating them.   

Millions of Baby Red Crabs Begin Migration on Christmas Island

Every year, tens of millions of baby red crabs develop off the coast of Christmas Island. After hatching from their eggs, they live in the sea for a month as larvae, before returning to the shoreline. This process begins precisely when the high tide turns between the last quarter and new moon. During this period, tides are more stable. This allows the baby crabs the best chance of survival on their march back to the rain forest. The babies will be joining a population of around 120 million crabs that cover the rain forest floor.

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