See Rescued Baby Bats Swaddled in Blankets

Denise Wade has rescued thousands of cute baby bats since 2006. She takes in 200 to 400 bats per year, mostly flying foxes, and rehabilitates them in her suburban home in Brisbane, Australia. Many are babies, orphaned after their mothers have died from electrocution on power lines. Others have been injured by fruit tree netting or barbed wire. Wade provides the special care that the bats’ mothers would do – including bathing, feedings, and and keeping them warm and snuggly. It is illegal to keep pet bats in Australia, so the goal is to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild.

Rescued Baby Bat Stuffs Her Cheeks With Banana

This is Miss Alicia. Alicia is a flying fox that was rescued in Queensland, Australia. She was hit by a car and in need of rehabilitation. Nothing was broken and all four limbs are in working order. Alicia is expected to make a full recovery. Flying foxes have a diet of fruits, nectar and flowers. She sure does love bananas!

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