What DNA From Pet Foxes Teaches Us About Dogs—And Humans

A Soviet-era experiment to breed tame and aggressive foxes has produced surprising revelations about social behaviour and domestication.

Why Is This Arctic Fox 'Dancing" With a Snowy Owl?

January 10, 2018—Dave Briggs, on the job as a senior expedition leader for the tour company Arctic Kingdom, captured a spirited encounter between an Arctic fox and a snowy owl on video in November, 2012. It looks a bit like the fox and owl are playing, or dancing. But it's no game to survive when winter looms at the edge of the tundra in northern Canada. These predators compete over prey, such as lemmings. So they also compete over turf. It's a pretty even match, and not likely to be fatal for either. But not getting enough food could be.

Come Face-to-Face With an Adorable Arctic Fox

An arctic fox climbed over a mound of kelp to join Dave Briggs of the tour company Arctic Kingdom. During a six-week season, three arctic foxes visited the camp near the Hudson Bay Coast in Nunavut, Canada. Wary at first, they came at dusk and before dawn. But one, nicknamed "Spot" for a patch on its hind quarter, became bold, and would approach people outside the camp. The veteran tour leader has rarely had a fox approach so close, saying the experience is "magical and fills me with joy." 

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