A coalition of cheetah brothers attempts to hunt oryx

An oryx family protects a calf from a coalition of cheetah on the vast Kalahari plain. Footage taken from the show Africa's Deadliest.

International Cheetah Day

The fastest land animal on Earth, cheetahs are beautiful Big Cats and one of the main characters of our Big Cats Month.

Reminder: When on a Cheetah Safari, Don’t Exit Your Car

A family visiting a Dutch safari park got quite a scare when they were chased by a cheetah after leaving their vehicle to get a closer look at the the big cats. There's a very good reason visitors are forbidden from exiting their vehicles in the park. 

Watch female cheetah fight four males in brutal courtship

In South Africa's Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, four male cheetahs looked like they were stalking prey. But as videographer Ria Van Greunen learned, they were actually after a female cheetah, known to park staff as Corrine. It’s unusual for male cheetahs to attack females. Sparring between sexes is a rare means of cheetah courtship. Corrine suffered multiple wounds in a particularly brutal assault. But as a resilient cat, she quickly recovered from her injuries.

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