Orca Vs Humpback During Fish Feeding Frenzy

These orcas must eat up quickly before the mighty humpbacks show up to devour their portion of herring.

Watch: Why an Orca Spins a Sea Turtle with Its 'Nose'

This orca may be “playing with its food,” as orcas often do, or it may be a rare glimpse at an elder male teaching younger orcas to hunt. The older male orca span the sea turtle with the front of its head, called a rostrum, then one of the two youths carried another sea turtle by its fin. Filmed off Isla Isabela in the Galápagos, the orcas were observed playing with the turtles for half an hour—then swimming off without eating them. Young orcas learn survival skills by watching their elders. Only a few animal species, including orcas, teach behaviour with step-by-step instructions. Orcas don’t often hunt sea turtles, but they are among the few animals with the jaw strength to break the turtles’ shells.

How Killer Whales Went from Hated, to Adored, to Endangered

The more we’ve learned about orcas, the more we love them. But can they survive the dramatic changes to their world?

Orca Mourning Her Calf Shows the Complexity of Killer Whale Emotions

She likely bonded closely with her newborn before it died, which could help explain why she's kept a record-breaking vigil.

Watch an Orca Knock Stingray Out Cold With its Tail—for ‘Play’

Watch this close encounter between a pod orcas that encircles a stingray and uses a powerful tail swat to stun the stingray. 

See First Ever Video of an Orca Mother and Son Killing a Calf

Watch as an adult male orca and its mother kill the calf of an unrelated female. 

First Underwater Footage Of Rare Type D Orca

See for the first time, a rare variety of orca known as Type D has been filmed underwater. 

Watch a Crabeater Seal Evade a Pod of Hungry Orcas

An amazing scene unfolded on a Lindblad expeditions ship in Grandidier Channel, Antarctica. In a synchronised attack, a pod of orcas attempt to knock a crabeater seal off the ice. The orcas moves in unison creating a wave that rocks the ice. When wave washing fails, they broke up the ice with sheer force. The orcas finally manage to destroy it completely, but the seal retreats to a different piece of ice before finally escaping once and for all.

Sperm Whales vs. Orcas

Sperm whales are louder than any animal on Earth — a skill that might come in handy against Orcas.

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