Rescued Baby Chimpanzee 'Helps' Fly Plane to Safety

See how this rescued baby chimpanzee enjoys the flight and 'helps' the pilot fly the plane. 

Just Like Us, These Chimps Splash in the River to Stay Cool

Watch to see how chimps keep their cool when thee savanna is boiling. 

See How the Last Chimp on Chimpanzee Island Survives

This chimpanzee is the last remaining survivor of his colony in the Ivory Coast. Twenty apes used to live on "Chimpanzee Island," but all except Ponso have mysteriously died or disappeared. The group was relocated to the island from Liberia in 1983 by a medical testing research laboratory. Since 2015, an association called Les Amis de Ponso (Friends of Ponso) has paid to feed and care for Ponso. Every day Germain Djenemaya Koidja brings food and medicine to Ponso—and much needed company. Over the past two decades ape populations have fallen 90% in the country. They face threats from poaching and habitat loss. Ivory Coast officials are trying to determine whether they should bring Ponso to a sanctuary, or bring a companion to the island.

East Africa: Meeting Doctor Jane

The Albertine Rift, where East Africa meets the Congo, is Africa's Galapagos, and one of the best places to track chimpanzees. Follow in the footsteps of legendary primatologist Dr Jane Goodall to observe these spellbinding animals.

Rwanda & Uganda: In search of silver backs

The Virunga Massif covers three East African national parks and is the ideal starting point for an ape-spotting adventure — from gorillas in Rwanda's tropical highlands to the chimpanzees of Uganda's Kyambura Gorge.

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