Jackal on the hunt

A jackal goes to extraordinary measures in order to successfully score a meal. Footage from the show "Gangster Jackals".

Tiger vs. Monkeys

It takes patience and skill to get the jump on a troop of monkeys. But when it comes to stealth, this tiger has earned its stripes. Footage from the show "World's Deadliest".

Watch a dramatic snow leopard hunt

A Himalayan snow leopard is forced to hunt ibex in deep snow. Footage taken from the show Hostile Planet.

A coalition of cheetah brothers attempts to hunt oryx

An oryx family protects a calf from a coalition of cheetah on the vast Kalahari plain. Footage taken from the show Africa's Deadliest.

The amazing leopard’s leap

As most plants wither and die, the kigelia tree bursts into flower - offering a unique ambush opportunity for the most cunning of cats. Footage taken from the show The Flood.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Prey

The scent-detecting area of a grizzly bear's nose is a hundred times larger than a human's. A grizzly can zero in on the smell of food a mile away, from rotting carcasses to vulnerable young elk. Images from the show "World's Deadliest".

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