Mr. Stubbs the Tailless Alligator Isn't Stubby Anymore

14th August, 2018 - Meet Mr. Stubbs the alligator. He lost his tail while being transported illegally by exotic animal smugglers in 2013. But thanks to 3D technology, Mr. Stubbs got a new tail highly personalised to his exact body metrics. When he was first rescued in 2013 they fit him with a tail moulded from a dead alligator of similar stature. But this method was a bit clunky. Mr. Stubbs has taken to his new tail nicely and serves as an ambassador to many people with prostheses.

See 'Frozen' Alligators Breathing Through Ice to Survive

These North Carolina alligators have adapted to survive in a frozen pond. In response to the cold, they are using a survival technique called brumation. Alligators brumate by slowing down their metabolism and becoming lethargic. Brumating allows alligators to regulate their body temperature and survive all kinds of weather. During extremely cold years, they can stay still for much of the season. As the season ends, the alligators will go through thermoregulation and their bodies will return to normal temperatures.

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