Why Is This Gopher Tortoise Head-Banging?

Find out why Gertrude the grumpy gopher tortoise is ‘head-banging’.

Watch a Lion Try to Eat a Tortoise

Watch as hungry lions come across a tortoise and the tortoise plays a neat trick.  

Tortoise Narrowly Avoids Being Trampled By Elephants

Watch as one lucky tortoise narrowly avoids getting trampled on by a herd of elephants.

Watch This Tortoise Attack Everything in Sight

Timmy the tortoise is in an old-fashioned stand-off with a toy boat. His aggression might be due to hormones. Male tortoises have high testosterone levels during the breeding season. So Timmy is ramming the boat because he perceives it as a potential interloper. He also sees the cameraman that way, too. Timmy is wrapped up in the age-old story of a possessive romance. Don’t be like Timmy. If you decide to pursue someone, give them room to grow.

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