Heading to Madeira? Here are seven things you need to know

The dramatic Portuguese archipelago is where wild geography collides with delicious food, wonderful wildlife and carnival colour. Here are seven reasons why Madeira should be your next getaway — from its vibrant capital to idyllic rural landscapes.

Seven things to do on the Caribbean island of Montserrat

This tiny island is one of the region’s best-kept secrets — its black sand beaches, coral reefs, soaring mountains and rainforest-covered hills, not to mention rare, endemic plant and animal species, make it a paradise for nature-lovers.

Nature in Tokyo: the ultimate guide to the city's islands and green spaces

It might be the world’s largest urban area, but finding space and silence in Tokyo is surprisingly easy. Dig deeper to discover an archipelago, spacious gardens and peaceful city nooks.

A voyage through Indonesia: tropical reefs and fearless free-divers in the eastern isles

Set sail along the eastern fringes of Indonesia’s vast archipelago to discover remote atolls home to communities of sea nomads, the world’s largest concentration of reef species, and the birds and butterflies that helped shape the theory of evolution.

Five unusual island escapes in Japan, from fairytale forests to tropical retreats

Japan’s 6,852 islands offer everything from salmon-filled rivers in the far north to world-class diving in the south. The four main islands — Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku — are home to the vast majority of the nation’s population, but away from those behemoths, there are some fascinating options

Exploring the highlights of Ha Long Bay

Emerald waters, otherworldly mountains, forested islands and caves are the highlights of Vietnam’s much-photographed Ha Long Bay.

Indonesia: Island hopping

Island hop through an archipelago straddling Eurasia and Australia. The product of ancient tectonic collusions, Indonesia is still a region defined by geological upheaval. Climb its smoking volcanoes, see their might mirrored in vast temples and explore the natural world where weird endemic creatures look you square in the eyes.

Antigua & Barbuda: Rum and coconuts

Antigua and Barbuda really do live up to the hype. Throw yourself into everything from zip-lining to market trawling and you’ll realise, beyond the luxury resorts and flour-soft beaches, there’s much more to this pair of Caribbean islands than sand and sun

Video: Setouchi Island Hopping

Learn why these three thousand islands rising majestically from calmly flowing waters hold such a special place in the Japanese psyche. Go deep and you will see not just natural beauty, but the essence of what it means to be truly alive. Discovery and delights, adventure and indulgence, a world of experience awaits you in Setouchi

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