Fiery blooms and dancing birds: Tobago’s jungles are full of life

This tiny Caribbean island has the oldest protected wilderness in the western hemisphere. More than 200 bird species call this rainforest home, from the rufous-tailed jacamar to the tiny white-tailed hummingbird.

A hidden world deep within the Bornean jungle

Bario is a little corner of Borneo relatively unaffected by modern, Western influences. This community of villages is home to the Kelabit people, a largely self-sufficient tribe who will welcome you wholeheartedly into their homes — and their jungle.

Colombia: Trek to the lost city

Hidden in Colombia's Sierra Nevada mountains, the 'lost city' of Ciudad Perdida awaits adventurers after a tough four-day trek — snakes, spiders, sweat and all

Peru: Welcome to the jungle

Deep in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, among the buttress-rooted trees and jaguar footprints, the Manu UNESCO Biosphere Reserve rewards intrepid explorers with the journey of a lifetime

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