The effects of air travel on the human body

Is there a human cost to being able to jet off at will? Alas, it’s not exactly the healthiest thing you can do — and it’s worth knowing  the toll it takes on the human body.

Wining and dining with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines doesn’t do anything by halves. Every detail of its offering is the product of knowledge, research and expertise. We meet Oz Clarke — one of the three experts on the wine panel — to find out just what goes into selecting the wines the airline offers on board

U2 Spy Plane Flies Through a Dazzling Aurora

Watch as this pilot flies through the colourful lights of the aurora. 

German Wings 9525 : Suicide in the Sky

When flight 9525 took off from Barcelona on the morning of 24 march 2015, 149 people did not know they only had 40 minutes to live. This is their tragic tale.

Hot topic: Should I worry about chemtrails?

Is there a worldwide government conspiracy to poison us all by spraying chemicals out of the 15,000 aircraft crisscrossing the globe at any given moment? No, almost certainly not

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