Watch Mexico's Extreme Sport of Horse Sliding

This is la cala, one of nine events that comprise the charreada. Charreada is a Mexican horse sport dating back to the early 17th century. Colonial Spanish estates held competitions where farmhands demonstrated horsemanship by gamifying their daily activities like cattle roping. In la cala the horses slide over 6.1 metres (twenty feet) on their hind legs in an act known as reining. A qualifying slide is longer than 5.9 metres (19.5 feet) and can be scored by the judges. The horses also perform other behaviours in la cala like pivoting on one foot in circles. The sport is steeped in Mexican tradition and has many cultural references, especially when it comes to wardrobe. Recently, the sport has come under fire from animal rights groups, who pushed to get some events banned from California. Many fans and participants of the charreada feel unfairly targeted. They feel their events resemble many authorised US rodeo activities.

Tuscany: Just don't call them cowboys

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Watch The Incredible Sport of Mounted Archery

See how the ancient practice of mounted archery is making a comeback in Indonesia and is becoming more popular in this region.

Chile: Call of the wild

A land of volcanoes, fjords and windswept islands, Chile's Lake District offers ravishing natural beauty and thrilling adventure for those on foot, horseback, bike or kayak

Cuba by horseback

Cowboys, cigars and classic cars, all served with a swig of rum. Saddle up and explore the bucolic, tobacco-rich Pinar del Río Province, for a taste of the Wild West, Cuban style

Camargue: The French Wild West

Only two hours from the Côte d'Azur, the Camargue, a little-explored region of southern France, is a watery world of Gallic cowboys, rice fields, wild horses and weirdly civilised bullfights

Hollywood: Horse riding in the hills

It was more Texas than Tinseltown. Our short procession of horses followed the dusty, cacti-dotted trail, with guide Lila up front, leading the way and looking every inch the cowgirl in a Stetson hat and matching boots.

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