Stamford, Lincolnshire

This one-time staging town is dripping with historical architecture and the annual horse trials can put lesser SUVs to the testMonday, 21 May 2018

By Advertising Promotion

The Great North Road. Sounds so much more romantic than A1, its modern name, and there’s still romance in the journey north from London if you follow the original route. The historic market town of Stamford was the first major stop from London when 19th century coaches took four days to reach York and its decision to refuse to capitulate to the advance of the railway means it is beautifully preserved.

The twist of the A1 through the town centre is a stern test for HGVs, though come September its horses that are being towed, to the famous Burghley Horse Trials. But slippery fields of wet grass are no match for the surefooted grip of Subaru’s always-on Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

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