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Beating insomnia

Plagued by restless nights? Find out where to go and who to see for some serious shut-eye

By Sam Lewis
Published 9 Apr 2019, 00:16 BST, Updated 20 Jul 2021, 11:43 BST
woman sleeping in bed

woman sleeping in bed

Photograph by Getty Images

The power nap pod
The Metronap rest pods at Phuket's Kata Rocks are designed to lull guests to sleep by playing soothing sounds and putting you in the perfect position for a nap, taking pressure off the cardiac system. 

The dream matress
Malaga's Healthouse Las Dunas GL Health & Beach Spa is the world's first hotel to feature NGmatt intelligent mattresses that monitor the movements, position and phases of your sleep. Results are sent to the pioneering Austrian sleep laboratory Institute Proschlaf, whose feedback is used to create a tailor-made 'Insomnia Programme'. 

The Sleep Retreat
Champneys Tring's new two-night Sleep Retreat with sleep expert Jason Ellis could be a dream come true. A professor of psychology at Northumbria University and director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research, Ellis is on a mission to show how getting an average of just six-and-a-half hours' shut-eye a night can affect your mood and ability to carry out everyday tasks. 

The sleep concierge
For those who fret, toss and turn, a Six Senses resort may be the solution. New initiatives include special pyjamas, mattresses and linens, plus a personal sleep ambassador. Monitor your sleep with a sleep tracker, then get tips from a wellness practitioner, trained by internationally renowned sleep doctor Michael J. Breus (Ph.D). 

The sleep bar
Has a Paris city break worn you out? If you're after a good night's sleep, but don't have the time, you can pay for a 25-minute nap at Bar a sieste. From €12 (£10.55).

Three to try

1// Sleep retreat focused on nutrition and Ayurveda at the Shanti Maurice, Mauritius. 
2// Laughter therapy at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain, a favourite among celebrities. 
3// Chiva Som's Cranial Relie programme in Thailand. 

Top sleep tips

Choose tryptophan- and magnesium-rich foods — try a banana and almond milk smoothie

// Don't use electronic devices in the hour before bedtime //

Try to exercise during the day rather than in the evening

// Avoid bright lights before you go to sleep, and install black-out blinds //

Sleep in a cool room — 20C is the optimum temperature

// Read a book or meditate to unwind // 

Go to bed at a similar time every day, and aim for 7-9 hours' sleep

// Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Published in the March 2017 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)

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