Greenland: The north beckons (part 1)

Greenland promises a wealth of truly memorable experiences. In this three-part Arctic adventure with Quark Expeditions, we start by looking at how to prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime trip

By Quark Expeditions
Published 2 Apr 2019, 16:35 BST
The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

Photograph by Mads Pihl

What to expect
Greenland, sprawling high into the Arctic Circle, promises dramatic polar landscapes and indigenous cultures, spectacular wildlife and unforgettable adventures. With all this in mind, navigating this vast and varied island can prove challenging for even the more intrepid explorer. How to get around? Where to start? How to get the most out of the island and all it has to offer? Planning a trip of this calibre can be daunting, but expert advice with those that know the area best can go a long way in creating the ultimate Arctic adventure.

How to do it
With no roads connecting the various parts of the country, the best way to explore Greenland is by ship. Add the sparse population and unpredictable weather, and it becomes vital to making the most out of your visit by discovering the country with someone who knows the land and has experience taking passengers to this region.

Quark Expeditions has been hosting adventures to Greenland and the polar regions for over 25 years and many of its expedition staff have been with the company since the early days, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all of their trips.


Northern Lights
Planet Earth's most spectacular show unfurls above the east of the island, electrifying the skies with glowing trails of green. On terra firma is Scoresby Sund, the world's largest fjord system — iceberg-studded scenery offers hours of exploration by day, and a beautiful backdrop for the Aurora Borealis by night.


Lindenow Fjord
Mostly untouched by other cruises, the pristine waters of Lindenow Fjord offer a silent, stunning environment for taking in the Arctic wilderness, with soaring mountains either side, and waterfalls tumbling down the rock faces. Curious eyes will seek out the local residents: from herds of bearded seals to squawking kittiwakes, as well as the occasional polar bear.


Wildlife weaves its way into local legend in the west of Greenland. Here, huge numbers of the white-tailed eagle flock around the town of Paamiut, their presence said to bring good luck to those who set eyes on them. The town itself, which is often veiled in an eerily beautiful Arctic fog, is well worth discovering for its friendly locals and colourful architecture.

This gentle water sport has a long, rich heritage for the Greenlandic people, with the earliest boats made from animal bone, driftwood and hide. It's a must when in Greenland — after all, the word 'kayak' comes from the Inuit language. Now, it's one of the best ways to discover the breathtaking landscape, serenely taking in the sights and sounds of the island.

Packing list
Base layers
Woollen socks
Gloves and glove liners
Neck warmer
Warm hat
Good, reliable snow boots
Sunscreen and sunglasses
Polar parka, complementary for all quark's passengers
Raakhe Kapila, Polar Travel Advisor at Quark

"Greenland is best explored via its coast. Quark Expeditions has been sailing to this remote island for decades and our team knows the best spots."

Check out part two of our three-part Arctic adventure with Quark Expeditions, where Tamsin Wressell explores the towering icebergs and craggy glaciers in the fjords of Greenland's east coast

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