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Published 24 Aug 2018, 17:12 BST
Jetty at Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Jetty at Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Photograph by Getty Images

The term 'paradise island' gets bandied around a lot, but in the case of this tucked-away Pacific spot, it's well-earned. Some 370 miles from the mainland, and just over a two-hour flight from Sydney, this little-visited UNESCO World Heritage Site is about as pretty as it gets.

High-rollers arrive by private yacht. But for some of the most Instagrammable views you're ever going to capture, take a ride on a tiny propeller plane, and inch over to the right-hand side to catch the best panoramic scenes of Lord Howe: of its two distinctive mountains rising above a crystal lagoon and some of the state's most beautiful sand. You need to be a little bit organised on arrival; this isn't a spontaneous escape. Hotels need to be booked ahead of your trip — there's no camping and only a limited number of hotel rooms. But once you've landed on its shores, the joy here is the simple life. We're talking days of unapologetic R&R and a serious digital detox. Catch some rays on empty beaches, grab a snorkel and float just a few feet off the island where technicolour fish light up the waters, and stop by one of its ocean-to-table fixtures with craft cocktails and a secret garden vibe. Don't miss a bush walk up to Malabar Hill or through the Valley of the Shadows to marvel at seabirds and the island's unique ecology. Putting a whole new spin on remoteness is the Elizabeth Reef — the world's southernmost coral reef — located around 90 miles north of Lord Howe, where only a handful of people have snorkelled or dived its crystal-clear seas, which are bursting with marine life.

A trip to Lord Howe Island is definitely one for your beachy bucket list.

Meet the person behind the icon: Ian Hutton from Lord Howe Island Nature Tours

I came here in 1980 and was immediately captivated by its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity. The whole island is like being in a David Attenborough documentary. Visitors can experience all sorts of wildlife within just a 10-minute walk of their hotel — from seabirds totally unafraid of humans, to the warm lagoon teeming with marine life. There are no snakes or biting insects, the pace of life is slow, and it's very uncrowded: the limit of 400 visitors at any one time means you can always find a secluded beach. Sit on the boulder beach at remote Boat Harbour, surrounded by rainforest and sea, and you can imagine yourself being the only person on the island.

The best spot to enjoy sunrise is Blinky Beach on the east side, but my favourite place for wildlife is North Bay which has good snorkelling, seabirds raising chicks on the beach and remote cliffs where seabirds ride the air currents. A hidden gem is the walk to Little Island at the southern end: from March to August you can experience one of the great seabird spectacles of the world as hundreds of Providence petrels return to their mountain homes. The only place in the world these seabirds breed is at Lord Howe Island.

Watch our video of the beaches of New South Wales. 

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