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Rodrigues Island is a place where people can reconnect with nature

Tuesday, June 11, 2019,
By Rodrigues Tourist Office
Rodrigues Tourist Office
Rodrigues Tourist Office
Photograph by Rodrigues Tourist Office

Rodrigues Island is a place where people can reconnect with nature. Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a tiny hilly jewel of 42sq miles, Rodrigues Island, is about 350 miles off the northeast coast of the main island, Mauritius. The destination offers a cultural, recreational and gourmet experience to its visitors.

The smiles and friendliness of the Rodriguans is obvious from the moment guests arrive at Plaine Corail Airport. The warm temperature is enjoyable all year round (minimum 18C, maximum 35C) and the marvellous panoramic views are the ingredients for a perfect getaway.

The island is surrounded by a crystal clear turquoise lagoon, which is twice its size, and is surrounded by a coral reef barrier. That beautiful scenery can be admired from every viewpoint on the island. The view looking towards the southeast lagoon is a kaleidoscope of different tones of blue, green and turquoise. The region is well known for its wide loch, which welcomes kite surfers from all around the world, and its sublime, colourful diving spots, which include fascinating caves, canyons and more than 280 species of coral. All along the eastern coast are miles of white sandy beaches and creeks, an invitation to spend hours just relaxing. The beaches are delightfully peaceful. They’re very often the reward of a long hike, as Rodrigues is a land for trekking — most of its paths lead towards the coast from the hills.

On their way, fans of outdoor activities can enjoy fabulous sites such as Caverne Patate, Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve and the island zip-line, as well as nature reserves such as the bird sanctuary Ile aux Cocos.

To make the most of their trip, visitors shouldn’t miss a tasty meal, either in a table d’hôte or with a Rodriguan family. The local cuisine is mostly seafood caught from the lagoon, red beans, chutneys and maize cooked with rice. The final touch is the traditional music, which is a sublime blend of European and African melodies.

It’s easier than ever to get there, via a 12 hour flight from Europe with a stopover on Mauritius or Reunion Island. Check Air Mauritius for special deals on the route.


The island’s incredible Creole cuisine — vegetables are organic, the local meat is excellent, but the standout is the fresh seafood



• Beaches
• Caves
• Francois Leguat Giant Tortoises and Cave Reserve
• Grande Montagne Nature Reserve
• Islets


• Deep sea diving
• Snorkelling
• Kite surfing and windsurfing
• Traditional fishing
• Sport fishing
• Kayaking
• Hiking
• Adventure cycling
• Zip-line


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