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Italian Discovery is an invitation for discerning travellers to feel, live and taste Italy at its best.

Friday, June 7, 2019,
By Italian Discovery by Intertravel
Italian Discovery By Intertravel
Italian Discovery By Intertravel
Photograph by Italian Discovery By Intertravel

Italian Discovery is an invitation for discerning travellers to feel, live and taste Italy at its best. Visitors can embrace the sea breeze with cocktail in hand, looking out on to the Amalfi coast. They can taste the endless selections of food and wines each region has to offer from mild to spicy, or visit the places that saw the birth of saints, poets, artists, scientists, adventurers and explorers. Every minute can be filled by experiences that’ll be remembered for a lifetime in a place that’s unique.

Home to wonderful masterpieces and natural wonders; cradle to many modern cultures; once centre of the known world; visitors can see this fascinating land as part of an effortless and stress-free holiday.

Since 1950, Italian Discovery by Intertravel has been offering tailor-made services with 24-hour assistance catering for any requirements guests may have. The team helps to create a unique itinerary suggesting the best possibilities for any journey, tailored to each individual’s requirements.

The choice is open with guests able to leave the hard work of dealing with hotel reservations, gaining line-free entrance tickets, booking the best guide for Pompeii or the right one for Milan Fashion district, to the experts, who ensure the destination feels relaxed after a comfortable journey getting there in the first place.

Italy can be easy to discover if given the right information and directions, the carefully chosen itineraries and properties, the right restaurants and the suitable activities that can be different from art lovers to families with children or honeymooners.

Words can’t do justice to the majesty of the Sistine Chapel, the distinctive light that reflects off Botticelli’s Venus, the feeling of one’s smallness in front of the Colosseum gates, the fragrances of the Tuscan countryside when it’s just rained, or the flavour of a fresh fish just caught in the turquoise waters of Sicily.

The possibilities are endless and, with so many things to experience, it’s no surprise that many people choose to come back to visit this beautiful and fascinating country a second time — and a third, and a fourth.


A rooftop aperitivo over Florence, Rome or Milan. A romantic Venice gondola ride. A candlelit dinner on the Amalfi shore



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