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Sophia’s Best adheres to the philosophy of life blooming from the classical but reverberating truths of Greece.Friday, 7 June 2019

Sophia’s Best adheres to the philosophy of life blooming from the classical but reverberating truths of Greece. Holidays are tailor-made to reveal Greek wisdom: from art, theatre, philosophy, mythology, music and politics. Experiences are designed to allow travellers to take a deep breath of life and leave them full of personal strength, inspiration, courage and happiness.

Guests can visit villages and ports that are tucked away from the popular tourist trail, where between the homes, habits and stories of the local people they will encounter a wealth of wisdom. They can sample traditional Greek meals cooked under farmhouse roofs, discovering the subtleties of the local cuisine.

From peeling fruit with Mario, visiting the welcoming home of Ada, swaying on the paint- chipped boat of Alexandros and walking in the olive groves of Sotiris, everything is tailor-made. Visitors will take home memories built from authentic Greek adventures enjoyed with local people going about their everyday lives.

Sophia’s Best creates life-enriching experiences for all of its clients. Guests leave after a Sophia’s Best holiday feeling revived and ready to move forward with the next stage of their lives.

During their stay visitors will feel lost in the moment, experiencing real pleasure in the simplest things: watching a solo boat drifting on the azure waters; seeing grapes grow on the vine; holding an unpitted olive between thumb and forefinger; listening to the locals’ stories; following in the footsteps of their ancestors; just contemplating the wonders of the world we live in; experiencing the warmth that comes from connecting with other people.

The feeling of being able to look into people’s hearts, bringing a warm sense of wellbeing, feeling happy, with senses fully awakened, only to realise that these are things that come from within us but have been reawakened by our Greek adventures — these are some of the experiences that Sophia’s Best hopes it will help travellers to achieve.


Spend two days in the heart of Peloponnese, travelling through fields, farms and forests, learning how the locals live



•Tailor-made experiences
• Small private groups
• Expert team leaders
• Local knowledge
• Access to hidden local destinations


• Games
• City tours
• Boat trips
• Island visits


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