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Located amid the natural serenity of the Caucasus mountain valley, Gabala is a picturesque, ancient destination to escape from everyday stress.

Monday, 3 June 2019,
By Chenot Palace Health-Wellness Hotel
Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel
Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel
Photograph by Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel

Located amid the natural serenity of the Caucasus mountain valley, Gabala is a picturesque, ancient destination to escape from everyday stress. The tranquillity of Gabala allows visitors to regain their natural energy and find inner harmony — both fundamental to better physical and mental health.

Chenot Palace Health-Wellness Hotel has been specifically designed to support the Chenot Method — a unique system of medical and spa treatments that, along with diet, stimulate the body and mind to detoxify and reset physiological equilibrium. The Chenot Method combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in anti-ageing and preventative medicine, including state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies. Each guest is provided with a personalised programme overseen by
skilled professionals.

The medical spa centre is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the Chenot Method’s signature treatments. Upon arrival, guests undergo a medical and nutritional consultation, allowing for the customisation of a complete detox programme. Guests can also use the -110C Cryotherapy Chamber for whole-body cryotherapy, a Sports Lab for fitness screening, Antigravity Technologies that allow physical training at any fitness level, and Normobaric Hypoxic (oxygen reduced) training for improved aerobic metabolism.

The Chenot Diet is one of the fundamental components of each programme, assisting in rebalancing the body. Each recipe is made from the finest ingredients, providing guests with healthy and nourishing dishes, all of which can be enjoyed in an elegant restaurant facing the stunning view of the lake and mountains.

Chenot Palace has a total of 72 luxurious suites along with three spacious villas with private spas and ozone pools for families and large groups. All rooms have a terrace overlooking the lake. The hotel is designed as a natural extension of its surroundings through the use of local stone and mountain pinewood. The hotel’s 64-acre park also features charming gardens where guests can enjoy numerous outdoor activities.


A chance to use the -110C Cryotherapy Chamber, which can improve sleep and significantly enhance physical performance



• 72 suites
• One Presidential Suite with private gym and wet area
• Three villas
• Restaurant
• Tea bar
• Indoor and outdoor pools
• 64-acre park


• Hydrotherapy
• Chenot Detox Massage
• Cryotherapy
• Neurac treatment
• Metabolic Laboratory
• Medical and Nutritional consultations


T: +994 24 205 44 11


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