Söderåsen National Park: A hiker's paradise

Panoramic views, lakes and deep-cut valleys make Southern Sweden's lush Söderåsen National Park ideal for hikers, discovers Veerle Witte

By Tourism In Skane
Published 8 Apr 2019, 23:39 BST
Söderåsen National Park
Söderåsen National Park
Photograph by Mickael Tannus

Amid the flat planes of Sweden's Skåne province, Söderåsen National Park is full of deep-cut valleys and dense forests. Next to the famous Skåneleden long-distance trail, there are another five circular trails in this national park, which vary in length from two and a half to just over four miles. Two of them pass by the highpoint of the park: the Kopparhatten Overlook.

Immense collisions between tectonic plates caused the dramatic natural landscape of Söderåsen. When the African continent collided with the European plate, an early mountain ridge formed in the area that's now the national park when dinosaurs roamed here and Skåne was a place of large volcanoes. Basalt pillars, formed 110 million years ago during a volcanic eruption, are proof of the area's violent geological past. During a later collision of tectonic plates, large fractures formed the winding valleys we see today.

The Kopparhattsrundan Trail, at a little over two miles long, is ideal for hikers wanting to see the best of the Söderåsen National Park. From a high plateau of beech groves and overlooks, the trail winds along steep ravines down to the heart of the valley. There, the landscape changes completely and you'll find burbling streams, gnarled tree trunks and eerily silent fens. The early morning is a good time to spot wild boar, deer and moose. Visitors who want to venture deeper into the valley should choose the Hjortsprångsrundan route. At the end of the gorge, hikers are rewarded with the Korsskär Overlook, which offers incredible views over a confluence of three valleys.

At the other side of the national park lies Nackarpsdalen Valley. A hiking trail of almost a mile leads to Odensjön Lake, right in the heart of the sun-bathed valley. Seen from above, the clear lake — which, according to legend, is bottomless — looks like a perfectly round circle. The lake is lined with the stone ridges that earned this park its fame: weathered cliff walls that are remnants from the Ice Age. But, regardless of its geological history, this national park's landscape is enjoyed by visitors here and now — with children jumping from wooden piers, families picnicking in the grass, and couples strolling hand in hand along the footpaths. Söderåsen is a place where you can immerse yourself in nature's wild scenery.

For information about other national parks in Skåne, visit visitskane.com


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