How to make it: Ricky Saward's cabbage rolls recipe

Ricky Saward's cabbage rolls are a tasty — and elegantly served — vegetarian option.

By Ricky Saward
Published 13 Sept 2019, 17:30 BST
Cabbage rolls.
Cabbage rolls.
Photograph by Simon Bolz

Makes: 30   
Takes: 70 mins 
Plus overnight prep time 

400g brussels sprouts, outer leaves and stalks removed
50g unsalted butter
1 tsp rapeseed oil
100ml cream 
200g sauerkraut 
1 pointed cabbage
20g peeled, grated horseradish
30 wood sorrel leaves

For the cabbage chips
1 white cabbage, core removed
1 tbsp rapeseed oil


1 Make the cabbage chips a day ahead. Spread out the white cabbage leaves on a sheet of baking paper, sprinkle with the rapeseed oil and salt and cover with another sheet. Place a baking tray on top, then set aside for 6 hrs. Heat oven to 75C, fan 55C, gas ¼ and cook overnight, or for at least 8 hrs.
2 To make the brussels sprout cream, blanch the sprouts in boiling water, then plunge into iced water. Drain well, then tip into a pan with the butter and rapeseed oil and saute until soft. Add the cream and bring to the boil, then mix in a blender until smooth. Season with salt.
3 To make the sauerkraut liquor, press the juice out of the sauerkraut and collect; reserve the sauerkraut itself. Pour the juice into a pan and simmer until it thickens, then season with salt. 
4 Heat oven to 240C, fan 220C, gas 9. Cook the pointed cabbage for 50 mins, then leave to cool. Discard the outer leaves, then separate the inner leaves. Spread with the brussels sprouts cream and reserved sauerkraut, then roll up each leaf to form a tight parcel. 
5 To serve, stand two cabbage rolls upright on each plate. Top each with sauerkraut, drizzle with the sauerkraut liquor and rub with the horseradish, then press the cabbage chips onto the side of the rolls. Season with salt and garnish with the wood sorrel leaves.

Published in the September 2019 issue of National Geographic Traveller Food

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