A world map with flags for your kids to colour

Download and print this map with flags of the countries of the world.

By National Geographic Maps
Published 7 Apr 2020, 14:18 BST

Looking for a fun activity to reduce stress and learn the countries of the World? Well you're in luck, because the cartographers at National Geographic have adapted our World for Kids Map to a black and white outline version that you can print out and colour at home for free.

Colour the places you've been, or the ones you dream of visiting, or just play with pastel or bold colours. Take a few hours or a few days to colour the map. By the time you're done, you'll know much more geography than when you started.


1. Download the nine page PDF document (link here).

2. Print the eight map panels and the key to flag colours on the ninth page.

3. Trim the unprinted margins of the map pages with a scalpel or knife, and straight edge.

4. Line up and "edge-match" the map sheets 4 wide and 2 high, aligning the boundaries and placenames across pages.

5. Tape the sheets together to form a single 36 x 24 inch map, but don't tape on the front where you will be colouring.

6. Colour the countries and flags with sharp pencils. Refer to the flag key page for the flag colours, or look them up online.

Pro Tip: Place the sheets face-down on a light-coloured table or face-out on a window to edge-match the sheets, then carefully tape the seams. Alternatively, align the pages face-up on a table or the floor and apply small strips of tape on the front where you won't be colouring to hold the pages in place temporarily, then flip the loosely assembled map and tape all of the edges thoroughly from the back.

Click to download the National Geographic World Colouring Map

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