Top three adventures in South Greenland

South Greenland offers a pristine wilderness for all kinds of traveller; a destination where cultural and natural wonders go hand-in-hand with unforgettable adventure.

By Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions
Published 11 Dec 2020, 15:00 GMT, Updated 30 Dec 2021, 15:58 GMT
Glacier walking, such as that on Qaleraliq, is a true highlight of discovering South Greenland and ...
Glacier walking, such as that on Qaleraliq, is a true highlight of discovering South Greenland and perfect for thrill-seekers.

With much of its territory covered with ice, Greenland may seem like a mythical land reserved for intrepid explorers and bold adventurers, but the world’s largest island has never been more accessible. There are plenty of ways to visit for a range of activities, including adventure sports, wildlife watching and glimpsing the Northern Lights. In southern Greenland, an incredible region surrounded by imposing nature, there are trips to suit every level of adventure. From spectacular panoramas to pulse-raising hikes and ice camping, this wintry frontier is ripe for discovery. 

1. For the highlights

Those in search of epic vistas and natural splendour should look no further than southern Greenland, where glacier and tundra hikes, camping and an ice fjord await.

As well as a guided walk through Viking ruins that highlight how Inuits adapted to cooling climates, explorers can head out on a boat trip through the dramatic icebergs of the Tunulliarfik Fjord. From there, there’s the fish market of Narsaq, south Greenland’s third most populated town, before a night at a glacier-flanked campsite and a hike up a 1,300ft mountain to view the immense polar ice cap.

The following days might include a rigid inflatable boat trip for glacier views, a guided ice trek with crampons and a visit to the Qooroq Icefjord, one of the region’s most active glaciers. For those craving local cuisine, there’s plenty on offer, including fresh fish and caribou. While there’ll be no shortage of visual mementoes in this corner of the island, it’s perhaps the unforgettable thunderclap of falling ice that will linger longest in the memory.

How to do it
Tasermiut’s Wonders of Greenland tour starts from €2,350 (£2,133) and includes seven nights’ accommodation and a return flight from Iceland or Copenhagen between June and September. 

Characterised by its pretty, bold-coloured houses, Narsaq is best discovered by kayak, with the dramatic mountainscape rising above the town.

2. For thrill-seekers

With 80% of its surface covered by ice, Greenland is home to the world’s second largest ice sheet after the Antarctic, which means those with an insatiable sense of adventure will find a suitable challenge in this unspoilt landscape.

A true playground for both beginners and seasoned adventurers alike, natural wonders abound in southern Greenland. A highlight is ice hiking, which involves the use of crampons to explore the icy Inlandis tongue. Explorers can jump over crevasses and get a unique perspective on this fragile, ever-changing environment. The region is also a mecca for climbing enthusiasts — the walk to the base of Nalumasortoq, a peak characterised by its smooth faces, is a moderate challenge, but for something a little more demanding, the dramatic mountain Ulamertorssuaq is hailed by many as one of the best climbing walls in the world. At Uunartoq, meanwhile, hikers can rest their weary muscles in the hot springs, backed by majestic mountain peaks.

No trip is complete, however, without taking in the icebergs of Tunulliarfik fjord — a serene natural spot where the silence is shattered by the roars of glacial seracs falling into the sea. Elsewhere, Narsaq offers museums and handicraft workshops, as well as tours of Viking ruins, while whale watching at Alluitsup Paa makes for a truly memorable trip.

How to do it
Tasermiut’s South Greenland Explorer package starts at €2,995 (£2,719) and includes seven nights’ accommodation and a return flight from Iceland or Copenhagen (for a supplement for €300 [£256]) throughout July, August and September 2021.

Travellers can fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Greenland by overnighting at the Qaleraliq Glacier Camp, exclusive to Tasermiut.

3. For the ultimate experience

Those who thrive on adventure but like to relax in style can find the perfect balance in southern Greenland. After easy hikes to see impressive fjord icebergs and glaciers, kayak excursions, boat trips, ice hiking and tours to the cities of Narsaq and Qaqortoq, there’s the chance to bed down in some of the region’s finest accommodation.

Highlights include visiting the remote, 40-person Inuit settlement of Igaliku, considered the most beautiful settlement in Greenland. Travellers can also explore the spectacular Flower Valley, which brims with all kinds of wildflowers, before heading on to view the Kiattut Glacier, which offers a panoramic view of the breath-taking ice sheet. But perhaps the most unforgettable sight on any adventure in Greenland is the possibility of glimpsing the ethereal Northern Lights, which light up the skies in jade-green ribbons from August onwards.

As for accommodation, guests can check in at four different hotels (Narsarsuaq, Qaqortoq, Narsaq and Igaliku Country Hotels), each offering plenty of scope for relaxation after each day of excursions. Twin and double rooms are available.

How to do it
Designed with all abilities in mind, Tasermiut’s Exclusive Adventure starts at €2,950, (£2,677) and includes seven nights’ accommodation and a return flight from Iceland or Copenhagen between June and September. 

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