Top five Chinese cities to explore with Hainan Airlines

From historical Changsha to the giant pandas of Chengdu, this beguiling country has never been short of adventure

The wonders of hidden China

China might be home to breathtaking wonders like The Great Wall and the Terracotta Army, but it has so much more to offer when it comes to captivating natural and man-made wonders

How to do the Great Wall of China properly

A first encounter with China's iconic landmark doesn't disappoint. It's every bit as epic as one would expect, yet it also reveals a dark past and even a quirky side

Travel video of the week: China's Yarchen Gar

This week we're exploring China's Yarchen Gar — 'the largest monastery in the world'

See Global New Year's Traditions, From Turnip Tossing to Tiber River Dives

Ring in the New Year with some celebrations from around the world you may have never heard of. In Japan, Buddhist monks ring bells 108 times to cleanse themselves of the year’s sins. In the town of Nishinomiya, Japan, visitors place coins onto a large tuna for prosperity in the coming year. Revelers in Piornal, Spain, throw turnips at a man dressed up as the devil as he runs throughout the town. Though its roots remain unclear, the tradition symbolizes the expulsion of all bad things. To celebrate the Chinese New Year in the Spring, acrobats in Chiang Mai, Thailand, perform a lion dance while hanging from high up on a pole. The dance is meant to bring luck and drive away evil spirits. Balinese celebrate Nyepi, the Hindu Day of Silence, with a “Battle of Fire.” Held in March, the celebration ushers in the New year according to the Balinese calendar. Italians start the New Year in January by plunging into the frigid waters of Rome’s Tiber River. Literally starting the New Year with a splash!

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