Modern Mumbai: A city of 21st century optimism

While its Victorian architecture nods heavily at its past, modern Mumbai is in the full flush of 21st-century optimism and thriving in its new incarnation

A taste of Mumbai

Take a street food tour of India's most lively city with former Bake Off finalist and rising star food author, Chetna Makan

Mumbai: From Parsi to Peshawri

Explore the Irani eateries and Parsi cafes of this diverse city, and you'll discover that Mumbai is a culinary mecca but Bombay is an emotion, one that's truly embodied in its food.

Sleep: Mumbai

Mumbai has some of the planet's priciest real estate. To best appreciate its hotels, channel your inner Bollywood star and prepare for helipads, VIP bars and fragrant gardens.

Mumbai: Hotel India

His teeth are utterly perfect. Strung like pearls, they're framed on a face that's equally as polished — manicured eyebrows rise and fall with a silent movie star's animation over smooth, possibly powdered skin. But I can't stop looking at his teeth.

Like a local: Mumbai

Big and brash, exuberant and extreme, Mumbai draws you in to a world of colour, confusion and chaos, from Bollywood nights and moreish street food to colonial gems and high living