Walking in the footsteps of pilgrims on Israel's new Yam le Yam trail

Following Israel’s long-distance Yam le Yam (‘sea to sea’) hike from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee is to undertake a journey through the ages, crossing Biblical valleys, past sacred mountains and Crusader landmarks — and to be welcomed into remote Druze villages where life continues much as it has done for millennia.

Neighbourhood guide to Tel Aviv

Bold architecture, a laid-back attitude and sun-kissed beaches — Tel Aviv may sizzle at the edge of the Negev desert, but the Israeli city is Mediterranean cool personified 

Top 5: Desert festivals

Winter blues? Fear not: there's plenty of desert decadence to melt them away — these festivals amid the sand dunes feature everything from yoga at sunset to camel racing

Israel: The secret citadel

Twelve miles south of the Sea of Galilee you'll find the mountaintop Belvoir Fortress — what's more, you'll probably have it all to yourself

Israel: Heart of the world

In search of the perfect blend of culture, history, religion and beautiful people? From the sun-kissed beaches of Tel Aviv to the ancient glory of Jerusalem, Israel's beguiling cities exude enough intrigue and hedonism for a long weekend