Pilgrimages and peaks: how to find the right hike for you in Japan

Walk Japan CEO Paul Christie — a resident of Japan for two decades — has explored Japan from its spectacular coasts to its dramatic volcanic interior, and shares five of his all-time favourite rambles.

Diving into misogi, the ancient Japanese ritual of waterfall bathing

Whether you’re a believer or not, the Shinto ritual of waterfall bathing offers a chance to reset — and immerse yourself in the spiritual beauty of Japan’s mountains. 

Hot springs and healing waters in Japan's onsen capital

Onsens are woven into the fabric of society in Oita, a Japanese region where the red-hot water bursting  from the ground is harnessed into pools of all shapes and sizes, and the mountains that provide it are revered and respected.

A journey into the cultural heartland of West Japan

From the bright lights of Osaka to the born-again city of Hiroshima,  West Japan is home to a plethora of culture. With its cities  and countryside all serviced by an extensive rail network, exploring this beguiling region has never been easier.

Photo story: the essential experiences of Tohoku, East Japan

From relaxing hot springs and engaging kabuki theatre to exhilarating ski runs, Tohoku offers some of Japan's most indelible experiences.

Head to Kanto to experience Japan at it's most spiritual

Lying in Mount Fuji’s mighty shadow, Kanto and its forests, mountain springs and ancient shrines have long known the footfall of pilgrims. Despite being a stone’s throw from Tokyo, the region is a world away from the frenetic, neon-lit capital.  

Tohoku: how to spend 48 hours in Japan's wild northern region

Tōhoku feels wonderfully adrift from 21st century Japan, with misty lakes in place of megacities and hidden springs instead of highways.  

Travel Geeks: natural Japan — 12 March 2020

A country of islands, mountains and diverse climates, Japan offers a wealth of natural wonders. Join us as we discuss where to go and how to do it.

Japan: Sumo in the spotlight

With the Rugby World Cup approaching, we turn to focus on Japan’s most sacred sporting contest.

Heading to Japan for the Rugby World Cup? Here's what's happening in the host cities

As the Rugby World Cup kicks off this month, there are plenty of exciting experiences for fans heading to the host cities.

11 dishes that define Japan

Crisp batter, the freshest raw fish and a bucket-load of umami — Japan is home to one of the world’s most distinctive cuisines. From global favourites such as sushi to lesser-known delicacies like takoyaki, here’s our pick of the most memorable dishes.

Oita: Where the water rises

The Japanese region of Oita on the island of Kyushu is renowned for its hot springs, Far more than just natural baths, however, they’re places of healing and of community, linking the generations, from old to young.

The master of sushi: an interview with Rei Masuda

We talk to sushi master Rei Masuda, who elevates raw fish cuisine to an art form

Meditating with Buddhist monks in Japan

Take to the mountains of Japan, where ascetic monks follow the ancient Sōtō school of Zen Buddhism – and teach Sanro programme participants the tricky art of sitting.

Top 10: classic experiences in Japan

Where else can you meditate with Buddhist monks, meet a geisha, master the art of matcha tea, and learn to make sushi all in one visit? When it comes to standout experiences, Japan delivers enough to last a lifetime.

Video: Setouchi Island Hopping

Learn why these three thousand islands rising majestically from calmly flowing waters hold such a special place in the Japanese psyche. Go deep and you will see not just natural beauty, but the essence of what it means to be truly alive. Discovery and delights, adventure and indulgence, a world of experience awaits you in Setouchi

Top 5 art picks in Setouchi

From contemporary sculpture installations to reimagining of classic works, Setouchi offers a breadth of artistic experiences in its seven prefectures. Visitors can learn about the art of the region, explore Western masterpieces or simply sit and admire the architecture of the museums themselves

Video: The Inland Sea – Setouchi, Japan

The Setouchi region, the “Aegean Sea of the Orient”, is located in the west of the Japanese archipelago. Here we introduce to you the Setouchi region, where you can enjoy gourmet food, cycling, contemporary art, and much more, all against a backdrop of beautiful island vistas