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A culinary guide to Guatemala

Guatemalan cuisine is packed with memorable dishes, from on-the-go snacks to classics that draw on centuries of tradition. To help navigate the nation’s restaurants, cafes and food stalls, we’ve pulled together a list of the Central American nation’s gastronomic highlights
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Here's what to do in Guatemala with a family

Festivals sizzling with street life, outdoorsy adventures, fascinating museums — Guatemala is a blast for families. Here’s a round-up of eight of its highlights
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10 adventures to try in Guatemala

Guatemala deserves all the hype when it comes to the outdoors, from scrambling up smoking volcanoes to trundling through thick jungle and floating in idyllic wild lakes. Here we reveal nine adventurous escapes for an unforgettable trip to this Central American country
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Guatemala: Top 9 cultural hotspots

Make tracks to Guatemala and you’re in for a real adventure: this tropical Central American country, wedged between Mexico and Honduras, is home to an array of Mayan historical sites and a delicious natural larder. Here we reveal nine cultural must-sees

Guatemala: The evil saint

Maximón is not your average Catholic Saint; one prays to him for material gain, and for revenge. He's known as a drinker, a smoker, womaniser, and trickster — and even in death, he's hoodwinking visitors

Guatemala: Stepping into the past

Following the ancient Mayans across Guatemala — from ruin-strewn rainforests to volatile volcanoes — reveals as much about modern society as it does a lost civilisation

Guatemala: Land of eternal spring

With a Spanish colonial heritage, Caribbean coast, mountainous interior and Mayan ruins, Guatemala is home to epic tales, traditional people and beguiling charm