Carbon-free Copenhagen: how the Danish capital is setting a green standard for cities worldwide

Looking for ways to cut your travel carbon footprint this year? Set your sights on Copenhagen. The Danish capital is on track to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025 and is setting a green standard for urban centres worldwide.

A culinary guide to Copenhagen

The Danish capital is the driving force behind New Nordic cuisine, but look beyond its fine-dining and you’ll find Smart bistros, street-food markets and world-class bakeries.

Copenhagen: The happiest city in the world?

The Danish capital has long been a style centre — it even has laws in place to keep its cafes looking cool. But beyond its chic stylings, this open-minded city is said to be the happiest city in the world

Food: A taste of Copenhagen

Top British chef Leon Smith, a regular visitor to Copenhagen, reveals his favourite dining spots in Scandinavia's most Michelin-starred city, where Nordic cuisine pioneer NOMA has just reopened

Sleep: Copenhagen

Floating hotels, boutique townhouses, hipster hostels and a former sailor's retreat, plus a stay that accepts 'art money'. There's nowhere quite like the Danish capital for visitors to check-in and hang out.

Eat: Copenhagen

The Danish capital is no place for fussy diners, with the city's chefs, brewers and distillers keen to stretch the definition of normal.

Copenhagen: The bodega scene

"Have you noticed no one's drinking pints?" my companion, Chris, exclaims. I whirl around, scanning the low, cloudy room from my bar position. It's true — every last lager-swigger here has plumped for a bottle.