Rome: Wild rhinoceros

Palazzo Rhinoceros is home to Alda Fendi’s latest art space, as well as the Rooms of Rome, a bold new hotel concept that counts Michelangelo drawings among the decor.

Rome's underground attractions

Having disappeared from the annals of history until a century ago, the Basilica Sotterranea di Porta Maggiore has been restored — and its cleaned-up carvings suggest this mysterious place was dedicated to the cult of femininity

Day trips from Rome

Head beyond Rome's outer limits — to the medieval towns, ancient trails and dormant volcanoes — to discover some of the lesser-known sights within easy reach of the Eternal City

As good as new: Rome's recent renovations

Due to a series of recent renovations and facelifts, the Eternal City has a glut of 'new' ancient sites — places restored to their former glory or open to the public for the first time in millennia

Notes from an author: Nadia Dalbuono

It's easy to feel insignificant in a city whose living ruins mark some of the most triumphant accomplishments of civilisation — yet Rome's magnetic pull is undeniable

Meet the artisans of Rome

Ancient traditions are alive and well in Rome — from a parfumier and a bookbinder to a leather worker and a mosaic artist, these six artisans will make you want to reach for your wallet

Neighbourhood: Monti, Rome

From Roman slum to boho enclave, Monti has had many faces — but with raucous bars, artisanal markets and boutiques, this is its most exciting incarnation yet

5 of the best parks and gardens in Rome

It doesn't take long to find the best parks and gardens in Rome — it's packed with everything from low-key green spaces to botanical beauties

Hotlist: What's new on Rome's cultural calendar

New tours, al fresco opera, live theatre… 2018 is a big year on Rome's cultural calendar

Rome's neighbourhoods

From a pottery mountain to cool Pigneto, there are plenty of reasons to take the tram out of Rome and explore.

Rooms under £100: Rome

Smart, culturally savvy and darkly romantic — Rome is all these things and more, plus a hotbed of budget rooms

Live like a local: Rome

Once seen as Europe's most provincial capital, Rome is finally allowing more hip, cosmopolitan pursuits to flourish alongside its ancient traditions

Sleep: Rome

With its myriad palazzi, B&Bs and boutiques, finding a place to stay in Italy's timeless capital can be a minefield. Choose from a leather-padded bolthole in Centro Storico and a Marilyn-themed room in Trastevere, to design hotels nudging the Vatican.