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Hiking, paddling and outdoors cooking: discover forest bathing in Sweden’s Skåne region

Switch off and strike out to the serene forests of this southern province, where you can join tours combining mindfulness and nature.

Best of the west: five ways to explore West Sweden's coastline

West Sweden has a wealth of activities for the adventurous, from island cycling to coastal hiking.

A city guide to Gothenburg

Sweden’s second-largest city is an underrated gem. With its neoclassical architecture, bars, cafes and canals, it offers the perfect city break.

Sweden: Sea kayaking

Through the clear, green water, I could see a crab scuttling along the seabed, doing a sideways slalom between the pebbles and seaweed. A salty breeze whipped up little ruffles on the surface of the water in Marstrand harbour, while the sun drifted in and out of the clouds

The world's best food destinations in 2019

Whether it’s an Italian temple of gastronomy or an Indian veggie paradise, some places seem to have good food woven into their DNA. From Mendoza to Mysore and Bologna to Beirut, we pick out some of the best destinations for food lovers
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Feasting in Southern Sweden

From wineries to eco farms, Southern Sweden is not short of culinary hotspots, says Veerle Witte. Here are her top four
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Hit the road in Southern Sweden

Veerle Witte takes a road trip across southern Sweden to find adventure

From Sweden to Ethiopia: The best new cookbooks

Glorious baking from Sweden and beyond.

A taste of West Sweden

Drive along Sweden's Bohuslän Coast, stopping off at its islands along the way, and you'll pick up the freshest ingredients from the sea for a real feast

Sweden: The wild, wild west

Island hopping, wild camping, seafood safaris — Sweden's wild west coast offers adventure by the bucketload

Sweden: For the love of foraging

In Sweden, the right to forage is part of the nation's lifeblood, and its people's deep connection to the land is reflected in how they eat. In Stockholm and Sörmland, every ingredient — from berries and mushrooms to cod and deer — is treated with respect