The Silk Road: An adventure concludes

As our Digital Nomad reaches the end of her 47-day Silk Road journey, she reflects on the six countries, 7,456 miles and 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites encountered along the way.

Istanbul: The centre of the world

Our Digital Nomad reaches Istanbul, once the centre of the world and the end of the Silk Road journey

City life: Istanbul

Teeming bazaars and rooftop bars, epic mosques and mouth-watering mezze, there’s nowhere on earth like Istanbul. Take a deep breath and dive in.

Istanbul: A night on the town

It's Saturday night; 9pm. I've assiduously ticked off all of Istanbul's main attractions in a day. My legs ache and the hotel's enormous bath has never looked more appealing. But I know the city's nightlife needs to be seen, if not experienced