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Wildlife: Where to spot Oman's big five

There are abundant opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat in Oman, with plenty of local tours available. Read on for our pick of the best
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Adventure: Oman's adrenaline-inducing activities

Oman's intriguing and varied landscapes make it the ideal destination for adrenalin sports enthusiasts. Here are five adventures to try
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Shariqiya Sands: A desert wilderness

These seemingly never-ending dunes roll and pitch like the waves on a white ocean. Home to Bedouins, camels and very little else, they're the perfect place to simply be
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Places: These Omani landscapes are out of this world

From lush oases and hilltop towns to vast stretches of desert, Oman really is a land of contrasts. We round up five otherworldly destinations you need to visit
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Sleep: Oman's best places to stay

From its vast deserts, towering peaks and pristine beaches to its buzzing capital, Muscat, it's easy to fall under Oman's spell. Here are some hotel options for every type of traveller
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Dhofar: Where leopards roam

The steep, scrubby slopes of the Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve are home to the last Arabian leopards, although the chances of spotting one are almost non-existent

Southwest Oman: Into the Empty Quarter

Hundreds of miles from sparkling Muscat, southwest Oman offers a glimpse of the sultanate’s traditions and history — and a vast expanse of desert
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Insights into the Omani way of life

Experience local life in Jebel Akhdar The crags and canyons of Jebel Akhdar — 'the Green Mountain' — are known for their hiking trails. The remoteness of the Al Hajar region also ensures traditional life still thrives. In the rainy season, water flows through a labyrinth of wadis and terraces fed by ancient aflaj irrigation systems. Pomegranate, peach and walnut farming supports tiny hillside communities, and each April, the scent of rose water distillation floats on a gentle mountain breeze.

Oman: An Arabian adventure

Travel to Oman's Musandam Peninsula for an enticing few days' exploration, from spotting dolphins on a dhow cruise to ascending Jebel Harim, its highest peak, passing Bedouin villages and hidden settlements