Oman: Desert, dunes & dhows
Oman entrances with its timeless beauty. Discover wide expanses of empty, golden sand and soar across its deep blue sea with nights spent beneath the stars

Meet the different faces of Oman

Hamid spends his days scaling the peaks of Jebel Shams, while Abdulfattah has fished with his family since he was a boy. And then there’s Nader, whose passion for Omani ingredients has seen him rise to the top of Muscat’s dining scene. These are the people of Oman, who bring this beautiful country to life.

Oman: From mountains to coastline

The peaks of Oman’s Jebel Shams have been dubbed the Grand Canyon of Arabia, known for their dizzying heights and red hued rocks. Contrast this with the coastline, where the winding waterways of the Musandam Fjords teem with sea life, and where fishing still forms the backbone of the local economy

Historical masterpieces: Sites that bring Oman’s past to life

As the oldest independent Arab state and the site of one of the world’s earliest inhabited cities, Oman is a treasure trove for history buffs. Here are five sites not to miss.

Coastal wonders: The best of Oman’s beaches

Desert terrain juxtaposes with azure ocean to jaw-dropping effect in Oman. We round up five of the most beautiful beach spots.

Into Oman's Hajar mountains: Meet the climber Hamid Alshabnooti

Climbing and canyoning instructor Hamid finds happiness in the mountains, where russet red peaks rise skywards, and views stretch out across vast oceans of sand.

Meet Abdulfattah Ahmed Al Shehhi, the fisherman who grew up on the waters of Oman's Musandam Peninsula

Abdulfattah has been fishing with his family since he was a boy. He now runs a tour company, taking travellers out to see the Norway of the Middle East for themselves.

Meet Nader Al Aisari, the Omani celebrity chef behind the country's fine-dining trend

Oman’s food scene is blossoming, in part thanks to the country’s wealth of natural ingredients, from fish to spices, and in part because of Nader al Aisari, a passionate Omani chef upping the country’s restaurant game.

Wildlife: Where to spot Oman's big five

There are abundant opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat in Oman, with plenty of local tours available. Read on for our pick of the best

Adventure: Oman's adrenaline-inducing activities

Oman's intriguing and varied landscapes make it the ideal destination for adrenalin sports enthusiasts. Here are five adventures to try

Shariqiya Sands: A desert wilderness

These seemingly never-ending dunes roll and pitch like the waves on a white ocean. Home to Bedouins, camels and very little else, they're the perfect place to simply be