A culinary guide to San Francisco

The City by the Bay is home to dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants, yet its dining scene remains laid-back, propped up by fantastic local ingredients — and a sense of humour.

San Francisco's second Summer of Love

It's 50 years since San Francisco's Summer of Love and the city is celebrating the Swinging Sixties with events throughout the summer.

City life: San Francisco

A gold-rush town that quickly grew into a hippie icon, San Francisco is the cinematic face of free-thinking America. Synonymous with gay rights, the Beat Generation, bohemian shops and retro trams, this is one US city that does things its own way.

Sleep: San Francisco

A former military base overlooking the Golden Gate bridge, a new-age hippy hangout and a hotel that hosts a Sunday drag-queen brunch are among the accommodation options in this kooky West Coast city.

Family: The young explorer

Tom O'Reilly (13) was lucky enough to realise his dream in a forthcoming TV series, The Young Explorer, screening this summer

Bay city rollers: San Francisco

A haven for free-thinkers, drag queens, hippies, beatniks and bohemians, the 'City by the Bay' lives by its own rules and is utterly irresistible because of it.