The pioneer: Marsia Taha on bringing traditional, local cooking back from the brink of extinction

Marsia Taha, head chef at Gustu, in La Paz, is one of the few Bolivian women at the helm of a top restaurant. Her mission: To bring traditional cooking back from the brink of extinction, supporting local communities in the process. 

Travel Writing Competition 2019: Introducing the winner

Earlier this year, we invited you to submit your travel writing to our prestigious annual awards. From hundreds of entries, we whittled it down to just three. Introducing the winner of this year's revered competition who won us over with a vivid portrayal of a lesser-known corner of Bolivian culture.   

Bolivia: Down the Rio Yacuma

The caiman sized me up, all venomous reproach and pointy teeth. It sliced through the water until it was in snapping distance of our little boat. “Do they ever attack people?” I asked. “Oh yes,” said Sam, my local guide, who I liked but didn’t entirely trust

Ask the experts: A short trip to Bolivia

This month, a panel of experts discuss what to squeeze in to a two-week trip to Bolivia

Bolivia: Right place, wrong time

The sheer unpredictability of travel is part of its enduring charm, and the best adventures are surely those that gift us tales to tell

At the chef's table: Kamilla Seidler in Bolivia

Bolivian cuisine is more than just stodgy staples. Chef Kamilla Seidler selects some of the country's most these delectable street eats.