Reinventing the classics in Buenos Aires

While Buenos Aires will always be a city of robust reds and sizzling steaks, a new generation of internationally trained chefs is quietly reinventing the classics

City life: Buenos Aires

Stunning, old-fashioned, haughty and with a lot of heart — just don't let anyone tell you Buenos Aires is the Latin American Paris

Sleep: Buenos Aires

Electrifying and gregarious, the Argentine capital wears its heart on its sleeve — and its hotels reflect that personality in their decadent splendour

Food: Buenos Aires

Diego Jacquet, head chef of London's Casa Malevo, reveals his favourite foodie finds in the Argentinian city.

City life: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of old-school panache — of the tango, historic cafes and parrillas, not to mention 24-hour party people with an unabashed craving for the good life

Sleep: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires' hotels capture its split personality perfectly, from Philippe Starck-designed boudoirs to French-inspired suites

Buenos Aires: Football fever

It is my heavily anglicised pronunciation of 'cerveza' that gives the game away. But while I had not expected to be able to conceal the obvious truth – that I am not from around these parts – for long, the barman's response throws me nonetheless