Brazil: On the trail of the jaguar

Fisher’s radio crackles. He motions the boatman to kill the engine and the aluminium skiff drifts into a bed of water hyacinth. Somewhere a caiman barks, as a pair of golden-plumaged jacana pick their way across the congested vegetation on comically outsized feet

For Many Fleeing Venezuela’s Chaos, New Trouble in Brazil

In desperation, thousands have left their homeland to seek a better life to the south. But at Brazil’s border, more problems await.
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Best Summer Trips 2018

The land of happiness: Brazil's Bahia state

It takes a plane, boat, horse and cart and bone-shaking beach buggy to reach Brazil's most secluded coastal town, the 'Republic of Caraíva', home to pristine forests, beach-shack cuisine and locals who like to do things their own way

Beyond Japan: where to see cherry blossoms around the world?

Sakura season is synonymous with Japan, but there are other places to see cherry blossoms around the world. We round up four spots for 2018

24 hour Paraty people

A former colonial boomtown that fell on hard times, Paraty has transformed itself into a hotbed of creativity — a vibrant, multicoloured, coastal speck on the corridor between Brazil’s two biggest cities.

Rooms with a view: Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, Brazil

Some hotels are so special they're destinations themselves. Here's one of the places that is taking luxury to the next level.