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Keep exploring with National Geographic Traveller

Keep exploring with National Geographic Traveller

Keep exploring with National Geographic Traveller 

How I got the shot: photographer Rob Greig on capturing London’s love affair with pie ’n’ mash shops

Looking back at one of our favourite photo stories of last year, photographer Rob Greig shares behind-the-scenes tips and tricks from his shoot for National Geographic Traveller Food.


See the world’s natural wonders in real time without leaving your house

From the ethereal ripples of the Aurora Borealis to the majesty of Yosemite Valley’s El Capitan rock face, the Earth’s natural wonders are still out there — even if we can’t travel to see them just now. But, luckily for those of us experiencing wanderlust while on lockdown, webcams can act as live portals to natural vistas far grander than those offered up by our windows. We round up some of the best.

Notes from an author: Ben Coates on Rotterdam

It might not win any beauty contests, but the Dutch port is a slow burner of a city, where discovering its charms requires a little persistence.

Stay at home and see the world: five ways to explore during lockdown

Our ability to travel may be drastically reduced for the time being, but there are still plenty of ways to discover some of the world’s most enthralling destinations from the comfort of your home. We’ve grouped a selection together to see you through.

Go green: five forward-thinking cities across Europe

European cities are on the forefront of innovative, green-minded initiatives for the future. We pick five of the continent's leading lights.

Giant spiders and harpy eagles: discovering the jungles of Guyana

The interior of this South American nation is a natural kingdom presided over by giant spiders and armoured fish, but in its eco-lodges and villages, indigenous Amerindian communities are navigating a new era in the development of their wilderness.


Australia after the bushfires: Ray Mears returns to Kangaroo Island

In the aftermath of the wildfires of early 2020, the British bushcraft expert travelled to South Australia to document the impact on the landscape and wildlife — and the astonishing resilience of the local community.

How Lima's buzzing barrios revived the city's arts scene

A culinary renaissance has revitalised the Peruvian capital, leading to buzzing beach barrios and industrial spaces reborn as creative hubs.

Diving into misogi, the ancient Japanese ritual of waterfall bathing

Whether you’re a believer or not, the Shinto ritual of waterfall bathing offers a chance to reset — and immerse yourself in the spiritual beauty of Japan’s mountains. 

Artisan bakes and ancient grains: nine British bakeries doing things differently

Baltic Wild sourdough, cinnamon buns, scalded rye and bara brith are among the delectable wares on offer. And though they might be out of reach right now, you'll want to be first in line when normal service resumes.

New Mexico: the weird, wild and wonderful heartland of the American Southwest

The soaring canyons and sagebrush plains of northern New Mexico have attracted artists, spiritual seekers and free thinkers for over a century.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
May/June 2020
Stay inspired with our latest issue
by National Geographic Traveller
Join us as we admire some of Japan's greatest natural wonders while adjusting to life as armchair travellers. But fear not, we've got plenty to keep you reading
Photograph by Jordan Banks

This issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) comes at a difficult time for both travellers and the travel industry. With the world having ground to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, health and wellbeing, rightly, are at the forefront of people’s minds.

However, despite the challenges posed, the desire to travel will remain for many of us. Throughout this period, National Geographic Traveller will continue to offer inspiring content to aspiring travellers and committed globetrotters alike, both in print and online. For armchair travellers, it’s the best place to be.

In the cover story, we reveal some of the greatest natural wonders in Japan — a nation of sacred mountains, steaming onsens and stunning wildlife. Escape its bustling cities and immerse yourself in the island country’s spectacular landscapes.

Plus, discover Maya traditions in Guatemala’s Western Highlands, follow in the footsteps of pilgrims in Israel and spend a long weekend in Ticino, Switzerland. Our photo story, meanwhile, follows barley’s journey from grain to whisky in rural Scotland. Urban stories this issue include Lima, Denver, Amsterdam and Prague.

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Read more in the May/June 2020 issue
Photograph by Rebecca Stumpf; Pete Goding; Karolina Wiercigroch; David Vaaknin (clockwise from top left)


How I got the shot: photographer Nori Jemil on capturing Turkey’s otherworldly Pamukkale region

Ever wondered what it takes to shoot a National Geographic Traveller photo story? Photographer Nori Jemil shares the tricks and challenges behind her latest assignment.

The National Geographic Traveller Food Festival 2021

Experience the world through food and travel.


Five simple dishes to master at home

If you’re handy in the kitchen, but keen to broaden your repertoire, why not spend your time perfecting these simple classics?

Thai green curry: revealing the spicy secrets of a culinary classic

Fresh, vibrant and spicy, green curry has become one of Thailand’s popular culinary exports — yet its history is much more recent than you might expect.

Lockdown lessons: cooking tutorials with global chefs

Bring the world to your kitchen with a new crop of digital food tutorials and masterclasses led by well-known chefs from India, Italy, Greece and beyond.

Pilgrimages and peaks: how to find the right hike for you in Japan

Walk Japan CEO Paul Christie — a resident of Japan for two decades — has explored Japan from its spectacular coasts to its dramatic volcanic interior, and shares five of his all-time favourite rambles.

Call of the wild: classic winter adventures in Japan's rugged north

Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido, is also its wildest. As the brown bears enter hibernation and the locals get out their overcoats, the laid-back cities and volcanic landscape are coated in a blanket of snow and ice — perfect for adventurous snowshoeing, hearty dining and, for one week in early February, visiting the legendary Sapporo Snow Festival.

Electric dreams: when and where to see the Southern Lights

Best seen between March and September, the Southern Lights can be equally as dazzling as their northern counterparts. Here’s what to know about the southern hemisphere's most electrifying show.

Meet the adventurer: Jenny Tough on the solo expeditions that changed her life

We caught up with the globetrotting endurance athlete — currently on a solo mission to run across a mountain range on every continent — who spoke to us about positive thinking, her most challenging moment and the lessons that helped her survive lockdown.

Notes from an author: Matthew Woodward on Siberia

Crossing one of the world’s remotest borders by train proves to be a challenging experience — not least when faced with a language barrier.

Chef Judy Joo shares Seoul's top dining experiences

The restaurateur, TV host and cookbook author shares her love of Korean cuisine, and her tips on where to eat in the buzzy capital of Seoul.

Photo story: celebrating the characters and creations of London's Chinatown

The food found in Chinatown was once largely Cantonese, but in recent years it’s diversified. Today its outlets specialise in cuisines from all across Asia; the longest queues, though, are outside the bubble tea cafes.

The inside guide to Stuttgart, south Germany's capital of cool

Be floored by contemporary art, futuristic architecture and life in the fast lane in this rapidly evolving German city.

From festivals to foraging tours: the top five food experiences in Ireland

From fine dining restaurants and a cider festival to food markets and a seaweed safari, the island’s culinary experiences all serve up fun with a laid-back vibe.

Notes from an author: Wendy Erskine on cafes and culture in Belfast

In a city that’s no stranger to change and upheaval, there’s comfort to be found in the familiarity of the past.

Beyond banana bread: five recipes from restaurants around the world to try at home

Pining for restaurants and getting slightly bored in the kitchen? Reinvigorate your time with these five exotic recipes from global restaurants featured in National Geographic Traveller Food magazine — everything from goulash to gunkan maki.

Cooking at the ends of the Earth with Nick Liberato

Restaurateur Nick Liberato has travelled to the far reaches of the globe for the new season of Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge, which helps struggling chefs create menus to match their restaurants’ spectacular locations.

How to make it: Gloria's tiramisu recipe

As served with great theatrics at the Big Mamma group of restaurants, including London's Gloria
Photo gallery: Australia after the bushfires — Ray Mears returns to Kangaroo Island
In the aftermath of the wildfires of early 2020, the British bushcraft expert travelled to South Australia to document the impact on the landscape and wildlife — and the astonishing resilience of the local community.

Photo story: the ruins, rituals and otherworldly springs of Turkey's Pamukkale region

The shimmering limestone pools of Pamukkale are one of the country’s best-known natural wonders, but at ground level, a lesser-explored corner of Turkey unfolds: a land of fruit trees, patchwork fields and the quiet ruins of ancient cities.

Five ways with miso

It’s a Japanese staple, but works across almost any cuisine. Here are five ways to use this highly versatile store-cupboard staple, from a grilled veg glaze to a salted caramel alternative.