What you can expect from National Geographic Traveller in light of the coronavirus crisis

What you can expect from National Geographic Traveller in light of the coronavirus crisis

With the coronavirus situation upon us, the National Geographic Traveller team is now doing things a little differently, and we want to pause to bring you a few words of reassurance.

Stay at home and see the world: five ways to explore during lockdown

Our ability to travel may be drastically reduced for the time being, but there are still plenty of ways to discover some of the world’s most enthralling destinations from the comfort of your home. We’ve grouped a selection together to see you through.


Coronavirus: what are the risks and restrictions for travellers?

We round up the facts and figures to help you evaluate your travels during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

How to spend a weekend in Bergen, the gateway to Norway's fjords

Bounded by mountains and sea, Norway’s second city is arguably its most picturesque and welcoming. Its timbered facades and medieval harbour ooze old-world charm, its cuisine is creative, while the surrounding wilderness is ripe for exploring.

Sour, salty, sweet: getting a taste for Filipino cuisine

From spit-roasted lechon pork to vinegar-soaked adobo stew, the stars of Filipino food are beginning to make their mark on big-city menus the world over. And the best way to get to know this cuisine is by exploring the capital, Manila.

Where to mark 100 years since Prohibition

A century after the nationwide booze ban, there are still plenty of ways to discover the illicit allure of the Prohibition era.


Mountains, myths and monsters: exploring the folklore of Austria's dramatic Hochkonig region

Adventures can be adrenalin-fuelled or intimate — after hiking, biking, sliding or caving, relax in Alpine villages, where herbalists and brewers share their elixirs.

Breaking Bread: coastal cuisine in Tunisia

From perfectly prepped couscous to generous helpings of harissa, Tunisian cuisine is all about colour, flavour and abundance. In the coastal town of Nabeul, a family meal becomes a feast when guests are involved — and extra helpings are inevitable.

Rat-tail radishes and hooker chives: what to eat in Chiang Rai, Thailand

The time-honoured recipes of Thailand’s northernmost state draw on the natural bounty of its mountains and the ancient traditions of its indigenous peoples.

What to do in Exmoor

With its high plateaus, big skies and wild moorlands, this corner of England’s South West is perfect for a gloriously rural getaway.


On location: where to eat in Padstow

This Cornish town may have been made famous by Rick Stein, but recent years have brought openings from equally ambitious chefs.

A taste of Jamaica from smoky jerk pork to pineapple carpaccio

Abundant produce and proud traditions are visible across the Caribbean island, whether you’re eating at a jerk shack or in a fine-dining restaurant.

Vive Lyon: how the grand dame of French cuisine is looking to the future

Lyon has a culinary reputation like no other. But the launch of an ambitious new gastronomic attraction in one of its most famous old buildings is just one of several eye-catching ways in which the city is sprucing up its menu.
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
May/June 2020
Perfect the art of armchair travel
By National Geographic Traveller
Join us as we admire some of Japan's greatest natural wonders while adjusting to life as armchair travellers. But fear not, we've got plenty to keep you reading
Photograph by Jordan Banks

This issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) comes at a difficult time for both travellers and the travel industry. With the world having ground to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, health and wellbeing, rightly, are at the forefront of people’s minds.

However, despite the challenges posed, the desire to travel will remain for many of us. Throughout this period, National Geographic Traveller will continue to offer inspiring content to aspiring travellers and committed globetrotters alike, both in print and online. For armchair travellers, it’s the best place to be.

In the cover story, we reveal some of the greatest natural wonders in Japan — a nation of sacred mountains, steaming onsens and stunning wildlife. Escape its bustling cities and immerse yourself in the island country’s spectacular landscapes.

Plus, discover Maya traditions in Guatemala’s Western Highlands, follow in the footsteps of pilgrims in Israel and spend a long weekend in Ticino, Switzerland. Our photo story, meanwhile, follows barley’s journey from grain to whisky in rural Scotland. Urban stories this issue include Lima, Denver, Amsterdam and Prague.

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Read more in the May/June 2020 issue
Photograph by Clockwise from top left: Rebecca Stumpf; Pete Goding; Karolina Wiercigroch; David Vaaknin


Photo story: a testament to faith and devotion in Ethiopia's rock churches

The rock-hewn churches of Tigray in the Gheralta Mountains have their roots in an age of desert monasticism — it was here in the sub-Saharan kingdom of Aksumite that Christianity was adopted as the state’s sole religion in the fourth century.
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Tales of the tiger: searching for big cats in India’s wildest state

To travel across Madhya Pradesh is to taste India’s untamed heartland, where national parks teem with wildlife and stories of Bengal tigers are on everyone’s lips. An expert in the art of stealth and secrecy, however, it’s a beast that proves hard to seek.

Travel from your armchair: see the world’s natural wonders in real time without leaving your house

From the ethereal ripples of the Aurora Borealis to the majesty of Yosemite Valley’s El Capitan rock face, the Earth’s natural wonders are still out there — even if we can’t travel to see them just now. But, luckily for those of us experiencing wanderlust while on lockdown, webcams can act as live portals to natural vistas far grander than those offered up by our windows. We round up some of the best.

A short history of travel guidebooks and why they matter more than ever

As independent travel publishers everywhere struggle in the face of Covid-19, decorated adventurer and Bradt Guides founder Hilary Bradt reflects on the travel guide genre — and what you can do to help it survive.

Our editors' favourite global cookbooks

Eat your way around the world while you stay at home with our team’s top 10 global cookbooks.

Unveiling Limerick’s food scene through its historic market

Limerick’s storied food scene is informed by its setting, sandwiched between the River Shannon and pastureland — and now its historic market is the focus of a new food tour.
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A journey into the cultural heartland of West Japan

From the bright lights of Osaka to the born-again city of Hiroshima,  West Japan is home to a plethora of culture. With its cities  and countryside all serviced by an extensive rail network, exploring this beguiling region has never been easier.

Notes from an author: Jason Webster on Valencia

There’s no better way to understand the character of the Spanish city than to tuck in to paella, a local obsession that's far more than the sum of its parts.

Where to eat Thai green curry from Bangkok to Belfast

From backstreet kitchens in Bangkok to highly rated restaurants in the UK, these are the top spots to try Thai green curry.

A neighbourhood guide to Singapore

Neat-and-tidy Singapore may be small, but it packs a cultural punch. Its neighbourhoods are where centuries of pan-Asian immigration mixes with some of the region’s best places to eat. 

Paint the town: exploring the new arts scene in Derry

For years, Derry’s art scene was defined by the Bogside murals, famous for their depictions of The Troubles. But now a new, creative vibe is sweeping the city, ushering in a fresh array of murals, festivals and attractions.

Notes from an author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave on the Norwegian island of Vardø

On a solo visit to the Norwegian island of Vardø — the scene of 17th-century witch-hunts — the writer finds peace at last, in more ways than one.

Out on the town: four of the best pubs in Ireland for live music

Here's where to go to grab a drink and catch some live music.

The inside guide to Brno, the Czech Republic's quirky second city

Discover the youthful spirit of the Czech Republic’s second city, with its quirky attractions and a surprising gastronomic scene.
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Photo story: the essential experiences of Tohoku, East Japan

From relaxing hot springs and engaging kabuki theatre to exhilarating ski runs, Tohoku offers some of Japan's most indelible experiences.

Five simple dishes to master at home

If you’re handy in the kitchen, but keen to broaden your repertoire, why not spend your time perfecting these simple classics?