Against the Odds, Rare African Elephant Twins are Thriving

Published 24 Apr 2018, 11:55 BST
Against the Odds, Rare African Elephant Twins are Thriving

This wild African elephant herd recently added two unusual members - twin calves, named “Elon Tusk” and “Emma.” The 8-month-old brother and sister pair are extremely rare. Only one percent of elephant births result in twins.

The mortality rate for twins is high, as they compete for food.57-year-old mother, Eloise, may be the oldest elephant recorded to have twins. As the herd’s matriarch, her experience and wisdom contribute to the twins’ success. Researchers for Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), who study the Tarangire area’s elephant population, are monitoring the twins’ development. The twins reportedly are doing well, and often play in mud with their friends.

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