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In his quest for world domination, Hitler demanded the creation of some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware in history. Evidence of these terror weapons and incredible defensive structures are spread all across Europe, if you know where to look.... Nazi Megastructures revisits significant historical locations to reveal the fascinating personal stories of the men who designed, built and operated these terrifying megastructures that still stand or exist today. Structured explored include: the Eagle's Nest, a lavish tea house designed for Hitler to entertain guests and dignitaries high above his Alpine retreat in Bavaria, the fortified buildings constructed on the Channel Islands when this British territory came under German occupation, and Hitler's sea-faring super weapon: the Type 21. This truly fascinating series shows how these structures of the past remain today as poignant reminders of the terror they once held.

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Hitler's War in the Skies


Hitler's War in the Skies

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Hitler's War in the Skies

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