Medieval Forts Restored as Spectacular Hunza Valley Builds Its Future

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Beneath the Karakoram Mountains—some of the world’s tallest—winds the Hunza Valley of Pakistan, lined with fields and orchards. Once, Hunza was ruled by a prince, or Mir, first from the fort Altit, founded 1,000 years ago, and later, from the nearby Baltit Fort, also centuries old.

In disrepair by the late 20th century, both forts have undergone major restoration work. Although historic, Hunza Valley is also socially forward-thinking, with high literacy in general, and a specific focus on education for girls. Women have also recently begun to practice carpentry, traditionally a male-dominated trade. One role for the new generation of carpenters has been repairs of the woodwork-rich historic sites.