Watch CPR Revive Injured Squirrels

Published 20 Apr 2018, 17:55 BST
Watch CPR Revive Injured Squirrels
Watch CPR Revive Injured Squirrels

When humans encounter squirrels in grave danger, can they, and should they, lend a helping hand? Humans recently intervened to help squirrels in two potentially deadly situations. This squirrel reportedly was electrocuted on a power line in Cartagena, Colombia. An unidentified man performed CPR for several minutes, until the squirrel woke up and ran away - apparently revived, but still recovering.

Central Michigan University student Natalie Belsito rescued a squirrel apparently drowning in a campus pond. Belsito compressed the squirrel’s chest for several minutes, then warmed its body with a hairdryer. "It was a super cool feeling to know that I saved an innocent life," she said.

Experts warn humans to only intervene if they are unable to seek professional help - to avoid further injury to the animal, and to avoid being injured by a frightened animal.

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