World Water Day

Discover amazing facts about water including how long it takes for a rain drop to reach the ground and where in the world you will find the largest river. 

Truck Narrowly Escapes Flash Flood Waters in Saudi Arabia

Watch as a truck struggles to escape the flash flood that occurred due to heavy thunderstorms.

Here’s How Boiling Water Can Turn Into Ice

When temperatures plunge, boiling water can freeze almost instantly. Once water reaches 0.01°C, it can exist as a liquid, a gas, and a solid at the same time. Boiling liquid water causes the molecules to move farther apart until it vaporises into a gaseous state. Throwing boiling water into the freezing air turns it into hot droplets and because they’re so hot, they start to vaporize. Cold air can’t hold as much water vapor as warmer air, and the water condenses. The droplets quickly freeze, turning into ice crystals—creating a beautiful example of science in action.

Why Niagara Falls Doesn't Freeze Solid

This year's extreme cold has once again turned the area around Niagara Falls into a wondrous landscape of ice. Despite sensational media reports, the falls won't soon freeze solid. Even without that mythical standstill, with New York State and Ontario seeing record lows this season, there’s still plenty of ice and snow in the region.