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William Dalrymple on how living in India has changed him

William Dalrymple on how living in India has changed him

William Dalrymple didn’t set out to become Britain’s leading chronicler of Indian history, but a chance trip to the subcontinent started a lifelong obsession. Thirty years on, he’s still living in Delhi — a city with a “tangible sense of history”.

Pico Iyer on his transformational trip to Tibet

The author and memoirist recounts a powerful journey through Asia that culminated on the high plateau of Lhasa among prostrating pilgrims, in the shadow of the Potala Palace — the former winter palace of the Dalai Lamas. 

Christina Lamb on her career igniting journey to Afghanistan

The chief foreign correspondent at The Sunday Times was just 22 years old when, in the late 1980s, she journeyed up the Grand Trunk Road to Afghanistan — the start of a long and enduring love affair with the country’s colours, flavours and hospitality.  

Levison Wood on walking with elephants in Botswana

Setting out from the Zimbabwe border, the adventurer, author and broadcaster spent a month on the front line of elephant conservation, walking alongside a herd as it followed its annual migration route towards the Okavango Delta.

Ade Adepitan on seeing Africa beyond the headlines

Reflecting on his latest BBC TV series, Africa with Ade Adepitan, the Nigerian-born British TV presenter looks back on his transcontinental journey, from Cape Verde to Somalia — a trip that, as well as showcasing a range of African stories, was in part a personal tale of homecoming.

Kate Bradbury on why Costa Rica should be a blueprint for conservation

Reflecting on a trip to Central America, the TV presenter wonders what the UK would look like if it invested in the natural world as much as Costa Rica does.

Alastair Humphreys on finding great escapes in the UK

Having toured the globe — from camping in the Arctic to cycling through Kyrgyzstan — the adventurer finds that journeys of real significance are also on offer closer to home.

Felicity Aston on the power of polar regions to teach vital conservation lessons

Wonder and science intersect on an expedition to Earth’s frozen poles, says the polar explorer. Each trip offers unique challenges that have the power to teach vital lessons — not just about the human spirit, but about our role in protecting the planet.  

Robert Macfarlane on his love of the UK’s wild places

The prize-winning author remembers holidays in the UK, from Snowdonia and the Scottish Highlands to the outskirts of Cambridge, and reflects on the wild landscapes that have shaped both his work and his life.

How modern gastronomy and ancient traditions collide in Limassol, Cyprus

Over the centuries, the Cypriot city of Limassol has absorbed the flavours of the Mediterranean and Middle East, while its vineyards have proved equally adaptable, nurturing both local and international grapes.

From Britain to Burma: our favourite cookbooks for summer

Six new cookbook releases to help you eat your way around the world this summer. 

Seize the night: expert tips for stargazing in the UK

Thanks to less light and air pollution, the country’s night skies are darker than they’ve been for a long while. So stay up, head out and go starry-eyed.

Seven cocktails from around the world and when to drink them

Our guide to which cocktails to drink at various times of the day spans the world of mixology, from pomadas to pisco sours. Whether you’re abroad and wish to order like a local, or mixing up a tipple at home, there’s lots to be learned from global drinking cultures.

A neighbourhood guide to Mumbai

Mumbai’s spectacularly diverse neighbourhoods are home to everything from glitzy Bollywood studios to grand architecture and a national park that’s famed for its leopards. 
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Renowned chef Philippe Chevrier’s inside guide to Geneva’s culinary scene

TWISPER ambassador Philippe Chevrier, head chef at Geneva's Michelin-starred restaurant Domaine de Châteauvieux, developed a deep appreciation for food from a young age. He tells us about this love of cooking, and where he goes for an excellent meal out.

Notes from an author: DBC Pierre on drama, exploration and freedom in Norway’s High Arctic

The Svalbard archipelago, staging point for many expeditions to the North Pole, is a place of extremes. But there’s something going on here that isn’t in the literature: an elusive freedom that empowers, and a love of community that inspires.

Alice Morrison on making a home in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains

Travel has the capacity to change each of us profoundly. Author Alice Morrison remains enthralled to a memory of visiting a small family compound high up in the mountains of Morocco, while training for an ultra marathon.

Photo story: the souks, tanneries and timeless leathercraft traditions of Marrakech

Moroccan tanneries are renowned for their quality and craft, and nowhere is the deep-rooted heritage of leatherwork better experienced than the Red City. The story of Marrakech’s leather-making tradition embodies the city’s thriving cultural identity.

Photo gallery: the souks, tanneries and timeless leathercraft traditions of Marrakech

Moroccan tanneries are renowned for their quality and craft, and nowhere is the deep-rooted heritage of leatherwork better experienced than the Red City. From raw skins to colourful, expertly crafted goods, the story of Marrakech’s leather-making tradition is one that embodies the city’s thriving cultural identity.

The ultimate hotel guide to Saint-Tropez

High-end hideaways, chic townhouses and plush hotels hidden in the pines — it’s all here in the Côte d’Azur’s ritziest resort.
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Exploring Crete by car: your one-week road trip itinerary

With sleepy villages, golden beaches and picturesque landscapes around every corner, Crete – Greece’s largest island – is the perfect place for a road trip.

How to plan a walking tour through literary Oxford

Alice, Aslan, Lyra and Lord Voldemort — literary tales abound on a walking tour of the City of Dreaming Spires.

A taste of Pembrokeshire, from local gin to crab rarebit

Across the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, producers and chefs are upping their game, elevating fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to the very top of the menu.

Where to eat in Whitstable, Kent

First-rate seafood is a given, but on the charismatic Kent coast you’ll find Michelin stars and craft beer too. Whitstable's ready supply of oysters once sated the appetites of the Roman Empire, and it continues to innovate today with modern bistros, bars and takeaway picnics. 

Five wild and enchanting gardens to experience in England and Wales this summer

Cascading over hillsides and extending towards the sea, these botanical marvels — from Cornwall to Conwy — showcase the enchanting colours of England’s landscapes, and make for an inspiring day out.

How Chardonnay has shaken off its oaky reputation around the world

Chardonnay is leaving behind its reputation for heavy oakiness, as wine producers around the world create lighter, fresher versions. We round up the best bottles to try.

How to experience the culinary traditions of Bilbao, the heart of Spain's Basque Country

Renowned for its art and riverfront architecture, Bilbao is a city of chattering markets, long nights and football-mad locals, but it also knows a thing or two about good food and drink.