Baby Bison Takes on Wolf and Wins

After being swept away from his herd while crossing the Lamar River, a bison calf defies all odds in order to survive. Footage taken from the show America's National Parks.

Watch Rare Mexican Wolf Pups Meet Their Wild Foster Families

Discover the special mission this rare Mexican wolf mum and her litter have in protecting their species. 

Why Are These Wolves Chasing a Dog, But Not Bothering a Horse?

This wolf pack peacefully surrounds a horse in Abruzzo, Italy. Wolves have been known to attack or kill horses, so this behavior is unusual. The horse is displaying normal behaviour. It rolls in the snow, possibly cleaning itself. It seems unthreatened by the wolves. Wolves only hunt when they are hungry. It is possible that the wolves had just eaten and were therefore not interested. It is also possible that the pack is young and inexperienced with hunting, and a horse would be too much to handle. But this video shows a different situation. Here, wolves are attacking and chasing the dog away because some wolf packs are very territorial. That was one lucky pup!

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